Professional Recording Studio

Guiding Artistic Creativity

Founded by Producer/Engineer/Songwriter and Scotsman, David Taylor, shortly after moving to Nashville from the West Coast.  The Facility Nashville provides everything needed by today’s creatives to articulate their vision into a spectacular sonic landscape.  Working with Nashville’s top Artists and Musicians, David and the team at The Facility Nashville are hear to turn your creative ideas into reality .


producing your vision

Your ideas, our skills, outstanding results

With all the tools needed to produce modern contemporary music:

  • Classic Tools- From classic guitars to industry standard equipment, we’ve got you covered.  Just turn up and start recording.
  • Modern Production- Utilizing the latest software and techniques to enhance real musicianship to produce a truly modern sound.
  • Nashville Session Players- Some of the countries best players flock to Nashville to make a career for themselves, and we’ve got access to the pick of the crop.  With their unbelievable talent, these session players really add a level of professionalism that’s hard to beat.

Artists / Clients

Some of the folks that’ve passed through these doors

Brian Shaw – Jen Armstrong – Davis Corley – Wendy Lowder – Rossonian – Mary Hartman – Elliott Blaufuss – Terence Schoshinski – Donnie Winters – Kaylee & Luke – Michael Bland – Jimmie Allen – Pam Belford – Paul Dunn – Jimmy Borja – Ten Gallon Bratz – Martha Healy – Buddy Farler – Mark Taylor – Rob Carona – Tom Ritchie – Julie Delgado – The Dark Waters Project – WestWend – Jan Douglas – Irenka – Tucker Bouler – Cottonwood Creek – Chase Martin – Chellanie Grunwal – Ronny Criss – David Loe – Mackenzie Fox – John Morgan – Adarsh Bhushan – Mark Dunsmore – Joslyn Dollar – Ric Sandler – Ruth Rosen – Scott Greenwalt – Darius Rucker – MK Musician – Pam Tate – Jeff Shannon – Terri Clark – Chris Miller – Tony Graci – Sean Kennedy – Danny Stevens – Michael Bloom – David Dwortzan – Ryan Bechtold – Kathy Hudson – Wayne Burton – Gwynne Alden – Jeff Bohannon – Mooda Fookas – Moses Jacobs – Sara Douglas – Professional Gaze – Hunter Nelson – David Mininberg – Ray Duncan